Since summer 2010 I'm passing through the training program that has been arranged by the Christian Pilots and Model Flyer Association in Germany. It includes the pilot training in two flight schools and a theological training that corresponds to one year full time studies at a bible college. The training is modularly structured and thus fitting to be done in part time alongside a normal job. It begins with the private pilots license (PPL) at the flight school of the Baden-Wuertemberg Aviation Association (BWLV) at a grass strip near Kirchheim-Teck named Hahnweide (EDST). Based on that the training continues with the Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) at FFH, a flight school at Stuttgart International Airport (EDDS). Parallel to the aeronautical training and especially in the possible breaks the studies for the “M” program of the BSK, the Bibel Studien Kolleg (Bible Studies College) take place.


Time for preparation was scarce, since I had to turn in my Masters Thesis on 08-27-2010 and was busy another week at the model flyer camp of the CPV. Furthermore I'm working 25 hours a week since September 15th.

Nonetheless I was allowed to pass the written test for the ground lessons of my PPL after only two and a half day for preparation. And with surprisingly good results, too.

The physical requirements for a commercial pilot are met: Since today I'm in possession of a Medical Class 1.

The investment: A bit more than half a day and 450€ for the examination and issuance.